As Vicia Pannonica doesn’t have a hard crust there is no difficulty in germination. Flowers don’t crusted easily. As the flowering starts early mowing starts early too.

In the appropriate climates after yielding mowing it develops again after ploughing, gives seeds with flowering. Seed’s color is dark brown, black and mosaic. Flower’s color is White, whitish, yelow or violet.

Including clay it grows nearly on all kinds of soil, but yielding is very high on calcareous and fertile soils. Sandy soils is not appropriate for Vicia Pannonica as long as it doesn’t fertilized.

Tolerant to cold as long as the the climate doesn’t under 0 degree. Even under cold winter times it is toleran to frost.

Can be sown on its own for seed yielding, also can be sown with different cereals for hay yielding. (barley, wheat,winter oat 5-6kg/de) the biggest disadvantage is due to its huge branch out its fine stems lay down. To prevent laying it is good to sow it with some mixtures (barley, wheat, oat or rye)

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