Crested Wheatgrass

  • Crested wheatgrass has long live span and it is a forage plant that is very tolerant to draught and cold.
  • It grows by creating skein on the ground.
  • It is grown for the purpose of obtaining hay under the infertile conditions and grazing.
  • Its grass is sweet and has high nutritional value.
  • It can be planted for summer or winter seasons.
  • One decare of field requires 1,5-2 kg of seed.
  • Dry grass/hay yields at 150-200 kg/da, and seed yields at 50 kg/da.
  • Having soil holder feature Crested wheatgrass can be used for erosion control.
  • Due to its high tolerance to drought, coldand crushed it is used in the green fields of dry lands
  • Can be planted neutral but also as a mixture with forage plants and legumes especially with alflafa and sainfoin.
  • Crested wheatgrass is recognized as a dry plant for dry lands. It can be planted in 30-40cm rows in humid areas and it is necessary to leave 50-60cm of space in between the rows for dry lands.
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