Cynodon Doctylon

  • Inspite of its weakness to cold, due to its tolarance to draught, high yielding in mild and wet climates, quick development after mowing it is commonly used.
  • Bred for the purpose of hay yielding and grazing. Tolarent to shade it can be planted under the trees.
  • 60-120cm height, forage plant growing by creating skein on the ground. Leaves place on the bottom. leaves are long, broad and folded.
  • Truss flowers. Trusses are 5-20cm long and erect.
  • Even though it grows on all type of soil, it is better to grow on soil with loam, clay and good drainage.
  • Suitable form mild and moist areas. Development is good in 450mm of rain capacity and fall evenly.
  • Tolerant to shade. Can grow in shady place where none can grow, especially under the fruit trees.
  • In the areas with annual rain capacity of 300-400mm hay yielding is 200-300kg/de. When the rain capacity increase to 600mm hay yielding is 1mt/de.
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