Beta Vulgaris


  • It is perennial plant-2 years. The first year it forms a tuber ,in the second year seeds comes out from flowering.
  • Farming of beet is very common in most of the countries. Fodder beet tubers has been using for many years for grazing.
  • It is sweet and juicy and delicious. As the sugar level is higher in some of the species they are more delicious.
  • Beet tubers is recommended for ruminants.
  • In the internal part sowing is in March-April, in the coastal parts spring sowings.
  • It is enough to use 2-3kg/de in October.
  • During harvesting of beet tuber, leaf yielding is as good as tuber. Green leaves are for animals , it can also be silaged with other plants or on its own.
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