Silver gray colored and hairy eliptic leaves. Always green, stem grows lying tothe ground, then get erect and forms flowering. Colored flowers have five crowned leaves. Flowering happens till spring end and they are White. It develops well in conductive soil.

  • Very naive , dense structure, short surface cover with its surface stem growth
  • Develops quickly.
  • Sensitive to being crushed and wearness.
  • Get damaged when mowed deeply.
  • Can grow in sun or shade but adapt better to shade.
  • Tolerant to high temperaturte.
  • When the temperature goes down it gets turns into yellow.
  • Complete leaf , 6-10mm height in the sun, bigger and taller in shade.
  • Dichondra needs weed protection as the other grasses, because of this herbicit can be used.
  • Biçilmesi istenmeyen yerlerde çimen oluşturmak için kullanılır.
  • Zararları: nematodlar, yaprak bitkileri, unlu bitler ve sümüklü böceklerdir.
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