• Annual plant, during vegetative period it needs warm condition.
  • In warm climates it is grown for grain, in coolest climates for corn with green plant material.
  • In the first sowing , soil is deeply ploughed in autumn , in spring time surface plough and roller. If there will be a second sowing strow should be left less from the first sowing.
  • Over seeding is not recommended as it slows down the development and prevents the grain.
  • Row distances is over 75cm 10-15 cm.
  • Appropriate fertilizing. Silage corn needs 5kg N, 2kg P ve 4 kg K, these values should be calculated after soil analysis. (an analysis is needed to avoid from unnecessity costs and to prevent the soil damages.)
  • When its moist reaches to -%65-70 it is ready to mowing.
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