Phacelia Tanacetifolia


Lacy Phacelia, Blue Tansy or Purple Tansy

Having the high quality of honey this plant known as Phacelia is a good forage plant, also it is bred as an green plant fertilizer and medical plant. As it has very small seeds it requires attention to texture and drainage.

  • It is an annual hay like plant, develop erect and up to 60-100cm of height.
  • It is coated by stiff hairs , leaves are meshed on the stem.
  • In various European countries phacelia is used for bees and grown in front of the bee habitat or beekeepers take their habitats where Phacelia is planted.
  • In addition to honey feature, phacelia is grown for green fertilizer, cover crop, green and dry hay, silage, ornamental, soil erosion and nitrogen binding.
  • Sowing of phacelia in Çukurova and Mediterranean areas where the height reach to 500m is in fall September-November.Where the winter is hard in the first possible time when the climate and soil allows sowing is during summer. In the Blacksea sowing is in March-April, flowering is in June.
  • Depends on the soil and wheather conditions seed yielding is 50-60 kg/dec. Green hay yielding depending on weather and type of sowing is 332-3458 kg/de.
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Phacelia (Arı Otu) Tanıtım

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